Legal and financial advice to help you plan your future wisely.
Our interests are aligned with those of our clients. Their success determines our own.
We focus on your financial matters so you can spend time on what really matters.
EsqWealth can serve as your legal, asset, & business quarterback.
Your best interest always comes first!
At EsqWealth, we embrace our role as your fiduciary.
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Our Mission

Achieving Your Life, Business, and Financial Goals

Many companies search for a purpose. EsqWealth was created with one mission: to help a small number of high-net-worth clients (i) plan for the future, (ii) protect assets, (iii) minimize tax obligations, (iv) realize multigenerational financial peace, and (v) accomplish any other life, business, and financial goals through thoughtful planning with objective and unbiased advice.

Plan Wisely

Protect Assets

Minimize Taxes

Rest Assured

Who We Are

A Vested Partner for Your Financial Future

Esq. Wealth Management, Inc. (referred to on this website as “EsqWealth”) is an investment advisor firm registered with the California securities regulators. More specifically, EsqWealth is a wealth management firm that, in conjunction with its affiliated professionals and alliances, is made up of experienced lawyers and financial professionals with advanced degrees, certifications, and first-hand life-experience in taxation, asset protection, and high-net-worth wealth management.

What We Do

We Develop a Personalized Plan to Achieve Your Goals, Protect Your Assets, and More

Multigenerational financial peace can be achieved through comprehensive planning. Recognizing that your interests always come first, we help you strategically position and protect your assets so that you can rest assured that your vision of financial success is achievable.

Business Strategy

Whether you’re exiting a business, acquiring a new one, merging with another company, or not even aware that you should be holding your assets
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Tax Planning

Tax impacts every aspect of your financial life. That’s why tax planning is a critical component of a successful financial plan.
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Asset Protection

Asset Protection takes estate planning to the next level—it is designed to provide your business and estate with the maximum amount of risk and
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Retirement Planning

The goal of most basic retirement strategies is to simply ensure that clients do not outlive their source of income, whether that’s their savings,
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Estate Planning

Living and leaving a legacy is more than just physical property or money. It’s about something far more important: passing on your roots, your
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Investment Strategy

Your portfolio should be as tailored as your wardrobe. Through concise and clear communication, we take the time to learn about your unique goals
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Who We Represent

Our Clients Are Lawyers, Doctors, and Business Executives

As qualified financial advisors and experienced lawyers, EsqWealth and its affiliated professionals understand the time demands of work commitments for lawyers, doctors, and business executives. Our goal is to have fewer clients so that we can properly allocate our available resources to deliver a personalized approach and the best service to our clients.

Our Approach

How We’re Different

In conjunction with its affiliated proesssionals, EsqWealth brings decades of experience covering various legal issues, tax planning, and financial services. We can help you address your needs of today and plan for your and your family’s future.

Our Team

Qualified Financial Advisors and Experienced Lawyers

Our team, including its affiliated professionals, spans the financial globe to give you the best possible solutions to meet all of your financial needs.
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Our Core Values

What We Stand For

Our goal is to promote and maintain the highest ethical standards of professional conduct in the investment consulting and wealth management industry. In fulfilling that goal, we have agreed to be bound by the highest levels of ethical values, codified Rules, and a Code of Professional Responsibility.

Our Alliances

We Work With the Best of the Best

To better serve your needs, we seek out and work with the best companies and resources available in the financial industry.