Our goal is to promote and maintain the highest ethical standards of professional conduct in the investment consulting and wealth management industry.  In fulfilling that goal, we have agreed to be bound by the highest levels of ethical values, codified Rules, and a Code of Professional Responsibility as discussed further below. 

1. Your best interest always comes first

Consistent with our fiduciary duty to you (described in more detail here), as lawyers and investment advisors, your best interests will always come first.  Ultimately, our success will be determined by yours.  That is the only acceptable way to run a service like ours. 

2. You will pay no hidden fees or commissions

Our compensation will be clear and transparent. We will disclose all services offered, compensation received, and out-of-pocket costs. 

3. We will talk about any actual or potential conflicts of interest

We are open and transparent. You will know about any fees associated with any third-party services. We will not try to sell you products that provide us with undisclosed commissions or that create hidden conflicts of interest.

4. You will make informed decisions

We will provide you with accurate, objective, unbiased, and relevant information so that you can make informed decisions.

5. We will respond to all of your inquiries

If you have questions, we will respond with appropriate, prompt, complete, and accurate information.  

6. You can trust us with confidential information

Our fiduciary duty to you requires that we not disclose your information to anyone without your permission.  This duty applies regardless of how confidential information is acquired.  This principle promotes and maintains a high level of confidence and trust between us and should foster an open, honest, and candid dialogue.

7. You will receive a competent and honest representation

Our duty of competency includes understanding the services being offered and recommendations made.  We will always perform a reasonable due diligence in that regard. As part of our commitment, our professionals have completed up-to-date courses presented by industry experts covering the most advanced knowledge and techniques to address the complex needs of high-net-worth clients.  In addition, as lawyers and financial advisors we are required to continue to stay updated on industry trends, laws, and products and by participating in continuing education. 

8. We will never have custody of your money or investments

While we will have authority to make and manage investments on your behalf, other than to receive our fees as detailed in our agreements with you, we will never have authority to access your funds or to take custody of them. 

9. We will always maintain a high level of ethical conduct

We conduct our business and personal activities in an ethical manner, which means we act with integrity and refrain from conduct that reflects adversely on us or EsqWealth.  We are committed to observing the following guidelines:

  • Abide by statutory and regulatory rules and requirements.
  • Establish and maintain a standard of excellence in all aspects of investment management consulting, investment advising, and wealth management.
  • Maintain high standards of professional conduct.

The Applicable Rules and Code of Professional Responsibility

As many of our professionals are lawyers and members of the State Bar of California, we are bound by the California Rules of Professional Responsibility (found here). As investment advisors, we have concluded that the core values and the Code of Professional Responsibility adopted and enforced by the Investments & Wealth Institute (the “Institute”) is most aligned with our fiduciary duties to our financial clients (as described in more detail here).  The Institute’s stated mission “is to deliver premier investment consulting and wealth management credentials and world-class education” to its members.  EsqWealth’s CEO and President, Frank Johnson, committed to the Institute’s mission by completing Yale School of Management’s CPWA® curriculum and passing a four-hour stringent exam covering over 500 topics.  He is a Certified Private Wealth Advisor® professional and is required to comply with the Institute’s Code of Professional Responsibility (found here).