Fifth, we have real-life experience and have implemented planning tools that help us understand the demands on our high-net-worth clients and the strategies that help them grow and protect their assets.  You can read about our decades of experience in our bios, but we also have created our own trusts and entities designed to grow and protect our own personal assets.  For example, as of this writing, my wife and I have four limited liability companies, three S corporations, three trusts, and one limited partnership, all created to operate other businesses or own assets.  These entities were also designed to maximize tax mitigation and preserve our assets for our retirement and multigenerational financial planning.  In addition, before starting EsqWealth, I worked with well over a dozen different advisors who managed about 10% of my assets over the past 25 years.  These relationships helped my law practice as their shareholder clients would occasionally become clients of my law firm when they suspected corporate misconduct related to their investments.  I enjoyed the regular dialogue with these advisors and shareholders, I intently listened to their perspectives on where the market was going and why, and I learned from their different strategies and approaches to investing.  This experience kept me on top of my game in evaluating my own investments in the securities markets, helped me succeed in my law firm, and fueled my desire to start EsqWealth.