Fourth, I’ve been a lawyer for nearly 30 years, the last 19 of which my trial practice focused on matters involving securities fraud, exposing some of the biggest scams on Wall Street.  As such, I’ve been immersed in the securities market acting essentially as an investigator researching how frauds were committed.  My practice also involved analyzing the fairness and accuracy of valuation metrics and disclosures to shareholders when companies agreed to be acquired at prices that were arguably unfair to shareholders, particularly where officers and directors were receiving benefits not shared with or not disclosed to shareholders.  The success of my law firm turned on how effective and efficient I was in understanding the intricacies of the fraud and how creative I was in formulating corporate governance reforms at some of the largest publicly traded companies in the world.  As a result of my track record, I have been retained by publicly traded companies, the founders of those companies, and United States Trustees in bankruptcy when companies filed for bankruptcy, to pursue claims against wayward directors for insider trading, fraud, and breaching their fiduciary duties to the company.  Thus, over the past two decades, I have developed a keen aptitude in understanding public company financial statements, various SEC filings, best practices in corporate governance, and how the securities industry operates.