Comprehensive Financial Planning

Multigenerational financial peace can be achieved through comprehensive planning.  Recognizing that your interests always come first, we help you strategically position and protect your assets so that you can rest assured that your vision of financial success is achievable. 

We start with a comprehensive financial plan which is customized to your needs, goals, and risk tolerance.  Our focus is to help plan for your future, protect your assets, minimize your taxes, develop a multigenerational wealth plan to leave a legacy (for those who wish to do so), and accomplish any other goals you have. 

In the wealth management industry, there is no strict regulatory definition for what constitutes comprehensive financial planning and there are varying opinions on what it includes.  When we complete and agree upon your financial plan, our goal is that the following five things can be true for you and your loved ones whether through their own efforts or with your assistance (unless you have different goals):

  1. When you (or any other persons who provide a primary source of income for your loved ones) die or become disabled, their lifestyle will not be significantly compromised; they can remain in their home if they choose; any education plans will remain financially on track; your assets (homes, land, business, etc.) will not have to be sold quickly at fire-sale prices to pay off debt or estate taxes.
  1. You will have the option to be sure that your loved ones (children, grandchildren, or others) will be able to afford the very best education for which they qualify, without being burdened with student loans when they themselves have children.
  2. You will be able to retire when you want and on your terms, with a high degree of confidence that you will never outlive your income, and that your dignity and independence will not be undermined by the inevitable rising cost of living. 
  3. You will have the option to contribute meaningfully to support your loved ones including your parents, if necessary and appropriate.  In addition, you will never become a financial burden to your children, even if long-term care is necessary, including extended nursing home stays.
  4. Your assets will not be foreclosed upon by lawsuits or creditors and continue to grow over time at a pace that exceeds inflation and, if desirable, leave meaningful legacies to later generations. 

Our comprehensive financial planning is intended to address all areas of your life including, but not limited to, the categories below.  We serve as a trusted fiduciary partner, providing unbiased, thoughtful recommendations and personalized strategies so you can have the confidence of knowing that your financial affairs are in order.

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