Our clients are lawyers, doctors, and business executives.  As lawyers and professionals ourselves, we understand that these professions can be extremely time consuming often requiring 12-, 14-, or 18-hour days.  These professionals spend countless hours focused on solving problems for their clients, patients, and customers.  While they are experts in their own profession, they may not be experts in or have the time to invest in exploring the best financial investment options, evaluating asset protection strategies, researching tax mitigation, and being up to date on the latest laws affecting estate planning.  We provide that expertise and handle our clients’ financial matters so that they can focus on what really matters. 

We also understand the career and financial trajectory for these professions.  The tax, estate, and asset protection planning for individuals with more than $5 million requires advisors who have advanced knowledge and skills to address the wide range of complex issues faced by wealthy individuals.  Our minimum net asset value for new clients is not to discriminate against people with fewer assets.  Our goal is to intentionally have fewer clients so that we can properly allocate our available resources to deliver a more personalized approach and the best service to our clients.

  • Lawyers

    Generally speaking, the time demands on lawyers can be exhausting if not overwhelming, whether you are an associate at a big law firm trying to make partner, a partner at any size firm meeting the needs of your clients, or a solo-practitioner working in a contingency-fee practice trying to knock one out of the park. On top of the legal hours billed to clients, you are also expected to spend time on client development, professional growth, and continuing legal education, leaving little to no time for your loved ones let alone financial planning. At EsqWealth, we know first-hand how these demands on your time and cash-flow fluctuations can negatively impact your long-term financial planning. With decades of both life experience and of experience in the financial, tax, and estate-planning industries, the professionals at EsqWealth can help you navigate the financial waters to help you achieve your financial goals while you grow your legal career or spend more time with your loved ones. 

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  • Doctors

    As a healthcare professional, you’ve worked hard to help others. At EsqWealth, we work hard to help you. We understand your unique needs to manage education debt, protect yourself against liabilities and other risks, maneuver the ever-changing healthcare system, and pursue financial independence. We help by creating strategies that address these needs, as well as your personal financial goals — everything from college funding for your little ones to your estate plan. You can rely on us to help manage your hard-earned wealth.

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  • Business Owners and Executives

    Business owners and executives have a great deal to plan for, and it’s easy to get caught up in the daily management of your company and overlook your personal finances. Similarly, with increased seniority comes increased complexity–from a larger investment portfolio to a complicated compensation plan–and less and less time to manage it. At EsqWealth, we can help by providing solutions and planning which leaves more time for you to spend on what matters to you.  From an exit strategy to estate planning, we focus on your financial well-being so you can run your business and your personal life. 

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