Esq Wealth’s Top 10 Year-End Financial Planning Strategies

As we approach the end of the year, Esq Wealth is committed to helping you navigate strategic financial moves that can profoundly impact your financial future. This guide outlines ten strategies covering diverse aspects of financial planning, ensuring a holistic approach to your year-end financial strategies. Conclusion The year-end offers a critical opportunity to make […]

Wealth Navigation: Avoiding 11 Common Mistakes Often Made by the Wealthy

In my ongoing commitment to navigating the evolving landscape of wealth management, I regularly read articles from several financial publications including Barron’s Advisor, a leading publication designed to inform financial advisors. I recently read an article published on November 8, 2023 titled “Being Rich Doesn’t Mean Being Smart About Money. 11 Costly Mistakes to Avoid.” […]

High Interest Rates and Evolving Products Call for a Review of Your Annuities

This article was inspired by a recent experience with a new client who is over 70 and is already retired. EsqWealth helped him increase his guaranteed lifetime monthly payments by thousands of dollars by exchanging an outdated annuity into a much more beneficial annuity at no cost to the client. The added income and the […]

Talking With Your Kids About Money

After raising three children, I know first-hand that kids ask tough questions about money. Whether it was a 15-minute chat at bedtime or on a long road trip, I enjoyed these discussions. These teaching moments presented an opportunity to pass on life lessons about handling money and instill financial wisdom that could be useful later […]

Unlocking Generational Prosperity: The Power of Dynasty Trusts

When it comes to preserving your hard-earned wealth and passing it on to your heirs, EsqWealth recommends proactive estate planning. It is not just a wise choice; it’s become an urgent necessity due to recent and expected changes in tax laws. Without proper planning, you could inadvertently leave your loved ones with an enormous tax […]

Supercharge Your Retirement Account – 5 Strategies

Whether you’re approaching retirement or planning for the years ahead, it’s crucial to take proactive steps to fortify your financial future. In this article, EsqWealth shares five quick strategies tailored to individuals with substantial assets, designed to maximize your wealth accumulation as you prepare for retirement. 1. Maximize tax-advantaged contributions Get the most out of […]

IRS Ruling Could Have Significant Tax Implications for Your Trust Assets

In a recent conversation, a friend who is not a client shared a strategic decision he had made at the recommendation of his financial advisor: transferring his rental properties into an irrevocable trust for the benefit of his children, aiming to leverage their potentially lower tax rates for rental income. This tactical move seemed shrewd, […]

Navigating the Stock Market: Growth vs. Value Stocks

Golden compass placed next to rope, books, and hand-drawn maps.

In the ever-changing landscape of investment opportunities, building a successful portfolio requires a strategic approach that aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance. One pivotal decision you’ll encounter on your investment journey is choosing between growth stocks and value stocks. These two distinct categories offer unique pathways to potential returns, but they also come […]

The Best 5 Stocks to Buy Today – Clickbait Warning

Black and white dart board against a wooden wall with red darts scattered everywhere.

In today’s digital age, financial information is readily available at our fingertips, and it’s tempting to click on enticing headlines that promise to reveal “The Best 5 Stocks to Buy,” “Top 3 financial Moves to Make,” or “Why Markets Are About to Crash.” These clickbait articles often feature self-proclaimed stock experts who claim to possess […]