Esq. Wealth Management, Inc. (referred to on this website as “EsqWealth”) is an investment advisor firm registered with the California securities regulators. More specifically, EsqWealth is a wealth management firm that, in conjunction with its affiliated professionals and alliances, is made up of experienced lawyers and financial professionals with advanced degrees, certifications, and first-hand life-experience in taxation, asset protection, and high-net-worth wealth management. 

As lawyers and investment advisors, we are held to the highest ethical standards and have a fiduciary duty to all of our clients, which means we have a fundamental obligation to provide investment advice that is always in our clients’ best interests.  This level of service fosters peace of mind to our clients who can rest assured that they have a vested partner in their financial future.

To read more about Our Core Values and the Code of Professional Responsibility to which we have agreed to be bound, or to read more about our background, please see below.