EsqWealth has agreed that Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., will be the custodian of and act as the prime broker for your account. In addition, EsqWealth uses Schwab Alliance which is a version of the website that allows you, as EsqWealth’s client, to manage your assets and accounts anytime, anywhere through Schwab’s secure website. 

EsqWealth is not otherwise affiliated with Schwab except as described above. You can learn much more about how Schwab works with EsqWealth to serve your needs by clicking here. This brochure provides an overview of how Schwab’s products and services support EsqWealth’s management of your investments, as well as how Schwab handles their key role as your custodian: safeguarding your assets. You’ll also find information about Schwab, their procedures, and the support they offer.

By clicking below, you are leaving EsqWealth’s website and will be entering the Schwab Alliance website.